Caramel coffee – 10 Nespresso®* compatible aluminum capsules

Caramel flavored coffee

Delight your senses with our caramel-flavored coffee, a unique gustatory experience that envelops you in a hug of sweetness and warmth. Carefully prepared using premium coffee beans, roasted and blended with artistry and enriched with a touch of delightful caramel, this coffee is a true palate pleaser.
Intensity: 9/14
*The trademark Nespresso® is not property of Caffè Carraro S.p.A. or other connected companies.

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Caffeine content

The origins of flavours of Carraro coffee

Every cup of coffee takes you on a journey around the world and deep into the breathtaking diversity of nature, because its flavour changes with each season and from one harvest to the next. That is why we travel thousands of miles in search of the best harvests, as we strive to offer consistently exceptional quality. It is what we have been doing every day for more than 90 years.

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