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The quest for excellence

We have turned our passion into a mission: to take the very best coffee into your local cafés, favourite restaurants and household pantries. Along with our coffee, we have cultivated know-how that is built not only on family traditions but also on innovation, ceaseless research and experiments. Coffee is part of an everyday ritual with a key social role. If it gets better every day, it will help to bring about improvements in our relationships, our desire to spend time together, and our appreciation of the good things in life.

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Selected at the origin, roasted with care and patience, blended with passion, our coffee varieties can now be ordered online and received comfortably at home. From ground coffees for moka, to beans, pods and espresso capsules, to cocoa and tea: discover the Carraro world and the pleasure of our coffee whenever you want, wherever you want.

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The importance of training

Skills stem from knowledge: learning all about the many fascinating facets of coffee is the key to enhancing its flavour and the overall experience that it offers. That is the goal of our Training Courses for customers, baristas and enthusiasts. Get the very best out of every single cup with the help of the experts and qualified teachers who run the Caffè Carraro Academy training programmes.

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Coffee for professionals

When you choose Caffè Carraro, you know that you are offering your customers superior blends made by expertly selecting the finest Arabica and Robusta beans. We take just as much care over all of the other products and accessories in the range for cafés, bars and restaurants.

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