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Artisan industry

Our industry has an artisan essence. Since 1927, we have combined the taste of great master roasters with cutting-edge production technology, on a ceaseless quest for excellence. We use slow cycles, because there is no better way to get the sugars to caramelize and the aroma to form. Roasting is followed by blending. The mixtures of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans are fine-tuned by monitoring and tasting on a daily basis. The quality of the coffee in every cup has been certified under the most stringent international certifications.

  • Industria


    more than 20 countries of origin
    more than 30 varieties of raw coffee
  • Stabilimento


    2 adjacent plants
    10,000 m2 roasting plant
    5,000 m2 capsule and pod plant
    1 external warehouse
    7 external depots
    18 green coffee storage silos
    1 decaffeinated coffee silo
    1 certified green coffee silo
    150 employees and representatives
  • Tostatura


    3 roasting machines:
    2 300 kg machines producing 2,500 kg/hour of roasted coffee
    1 600 kg machine producing 2,500 kg/hour of roasted coffee 12-18 minutes roasting time
    200-228°C roasting temperature, depending on the recipe
    5 minutes of cooling time
  • Miscelatura


    71 silos of roasted coffee beans
    50 silos of ground roasted coffee
    5 blenders
  • Confezionamento


    2 1,000 g bean packaging machines with a capacity of 6,500 kg/hour
    3 62,5 - 100 - 250 - 500 g bean and ground packaging machines with a capacity of 4,200 packets/hour
    3 250 g vacuum packing machines with a capacity of 14,400 packets/hour
    4 pod packaging machines with a capacity of 30,600 pods/hour
    7 capsule packaging machines with a capacity of 115,200 capsules/hour
    2 packaging machines for 250 g and 3000 g tins
    1 cocoa powder packaging machine
  • Prodotti


    48,000 packs a day
    3 kg tins of beans
    1 kg bags of beans
    500 g bags of ground coffee and beans
    250 g bags and tins of ground coffee and beans
    100 g and 62.5 g bags of ground coffee
    7/10 g pods
    250/500 g unsweetened and sweetened cocoa powder
    25/250/500 g cocoa drink mixes
  • Distribuzione


    7.250 tonnes / year
    45,5 mln million turnover in 2019
    • Distribuzione
      Ho.Re.Ca. Italy
      more than 2.600 cafés and bars
    • Retail
      Retail Italy
    • Export
      More than 50 countries worldwide
      More than 6.000 cafés
    • Vending
    • Web
      Amazon Italy

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